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Youth Movements


Ghana Young Pioneers

Ghana Young Pioneers (GYP) was developed in 1960 by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah (first president of Ghana). GYP curriculum promoted African Unity, political education, educating youth of their history, present conditions, and future prospects.




Black Panther Party's Intercommunal Youth Institute

Students at the Black Panther Party's Intercommunal Youth Institute, the organization's first full-time elementary school.

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Richmond 34

A group of Virginia Union University students collaborated in a nonviolent sit-in at the lunch counter of Thalhimers department store in Richmond, Virginia in an effort to fight against racism. 

Gloria Jean Mead & Carol Irene Swann 

Carol Irene Swann, 12 years old, and Gloria Jean Mead, 13 years old, had to fight against racial trauma at Richmond’s Chandler Junior High School on September 6, 1960, due to desegregating the school in Richmond, Virginia. 

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